Lake Forest Wilderness Park Family Photos | Serrao Siblings

Gosh, I loved getting to know the Serrao siblings! This trio is held together by love, and DEEP love. I was absolutely stunned at how sweet and gracious these siblings were to each other while I photographed them. Both Jake and Amber (the older brother and sister)'s love for their younger sister radiates through their words and actions, and it honestly made to so excited to have kids of my own one day! 

The summer sun was streaming through the trees and it truly was a golden hour, both because the lighting was gorgeous and because I loved this session. We also took some time to take senior photos for Amber, who will be attending ASU in the fall! 

Last note: Congrats on being the WINNERS of my Family portrait session giveaway back in February! I'm so glad it was you guys. I had such a blast spending time with you!

Love, Kelsey