Darby + Keith, Malibu Wedding

I can't even convey with words how much I love Darby and Keith. I think the first image in this post is a mere glimpse into their hearts. Warm, loving, intentional, best friends. See, the words just fall flat in comparison to the rich complexity of who they are. I felt so spoiled to be the one to document their wedding. The day was filled with magic, the kind that changes you when you're in its presence. From the time I got there to the time I left, Keith and Darby both had radiant smiles on.

Cielo Farms was the perfect backdrop for this couple's special day. The gorgeous stone barn served as the grand central point of the event, from which sparkling bistro lights hung. Just to the left of the barn was the ceremony location, a field that overlooked Malibu's multi-hued mountain peaks. The reception boasted the same backdrop, but the sun setting over the mountains made the view that much more spectacular. 

By the way, if anyone watches New Girl, Cece and Schmidt's wedding at "Gavin's winery" (season 5, episode 22) was filmed here at Cielo Farms. I almost fell over when I was re-watching the episode (seen them all at least three times...yikes) and a shot of the stone barn appeared. Basically, Darby and Keith are now famous. ;) 

Enjoy the highlights from one of my favorite weddings to date!

Venue: Cielo Farms
Photographer: Kelsey Albright Photography
Wedding Dress: Modern Bride
Bridesmaids: Ellen
Groom/Groomsmen: Macy's
Catering: StoneFire Grill

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